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led dental operating lightDentalLights.com specializes in LED dental operatory lights that deliver the shadow-free and consistent color-corrected illumination with unique features that include high energy efficiency, unparalleled ergonomics, free of noise, illumination without curing photo-initiated resins, and 10 times longer than halogen lights. We’re based in Shangyu, Zhejiang, China.

Like any other medical profession, the dental industry needs good and precise lighting. Any dental procedure is as fine as a surgery. It needs a steady hand along with a light that can highlight and enhance even the smallest details. The ML series LED dental operatory lights from DentalLights.com are designed to make the surgeon or dental care provider’s job easier and more successful. Taking full advantage of new dental operatory lighting technology in the dental office setting is a smart choice for all dental professionals seeking to leverage modern technology to its fullest extent. With outstanding energy efficiency and reduced overall energy consumption, LED type dental operatory lighting for dental office applications is quickly becoming an industry standard. Dental professionals also report greatly increased productivity due to this lighting technology’s ability to decrease shadow type “white light” that helps in identifying various shades associated with certain dental procedures.

A good light used in the dental operatory lightening should qualify in a few parameters. The basic aim of a light in the dental industry is to aid the practitioner in providing high quality services. Important factors are the light clarity, brightness and focus. There are some technical parameters that work in the background to make sure a dental operatory light has all of the above mentioned properties.

Some of the important technical properties that make up for a professional light are:

1. Light Quantity
The quantity of a LED light is defined as the amount of light produced. It is technically measure in lux and described as the illuminance of the light. A good dental operatory light must have an illuminance of 8,000 lux to 30,000 lux and should provide a light beam that covers an area of 90-100 mm high by 150-160 mm wide. The intensity of ML dental lights can be adjusted and at the recommended distance of 70cm it can go up to 50,000 Lux.

2. Color Quality
It is generally agreed that the light used for dental procedures should be white in color. The white color is not only high quality but it also enables the practitioners to properly analyze and diagnose the dental health. Any other light may be interrupting or misleading the diagnosis.

When performing an important procedure it is important to see everything in the right color. White light is ideal, the light that shows everything in its natural state. As perceived by the human eye, white color is considered the visible color, an equilibrium of all colors in one. LED lights are equipped to provide high quality white lighting, which make them the most reliable lights for the dental procedures.

The ML series LED dental operatory lights resemble the natural sunlight. This is hardly achieved by products from other manufacturers.

3. Color Temperature
The color temperature plays an important role in dental operatory lights. Based on their color temperature, some colors are classified as warm or cold, but this is dependent on the light used to assess them. The neutral value seems to come from white lightening, at a color temperature of 5,000 K. As LED lights produce white colors, they are the ideal and chosen product by most dental manufacturers.

4. Light Consistency and Uniformity
A dental operatory light should be uniform and should be able to illuminate constantly a particular point. The ML dental lights blurs out towards the outer edges so that it does not stress out the eyes of the patients or the doctor.

5. Shadowing
The dental operatory light should be flexible and help the dental practitioners maintain a proper posture when working on a case. A dental light should be able to handle obstructions without creating a lot of shadow area or dimming the light on the target. The dental operatory light should be wide both in the horizontal and vertical directions so that it can provide light across the perimeter of the obstructing objects. This parameter is best qualified by the ML LED lights.

The dental community needs light for various reasons. The requirements vary from lighting up the oral cavity to pin point lighting of a cavity that needs to be filled in. In addition, in the process, it is important to care for the doctor’s eyes as well. Use of constant bright light can be harmful for both the doctor and the patient.

LED technology is one lighting solution that solves all the problems and provides the industry the option to use this smart light in different ways. Today, the dental community is more aware of the benefits of the LED lighting and is working towards incorporating it in all the dental operatory lights.