LED Dental Surgery LightsThe oral cavity is generally dark and secluded, which makes dental operatory lights a crucial part of a dentist’s ability to diagnose and treat patients. Better visibility will result in better treatment for your patient. Although halogen lights were very popular in the past, LED technology has made its way into the field by providing brighter and more functional lighting for treatment rooms.

LED dental operatory lights provide optimum illumination required for comfortable dental procedures. The main factors that determine the quality of dental operating lights are ease of use, the ability to give bright and uniform illumination at the area of work and the comfort it provides to the patient and the dentist. The ML series dental lights from exceed these requirements making them very suitable for the needs of modern dental treatment. They consume very little power, minimize glare and produce focused near natural light without producing too much heat.

The LED dental operating lights from are manufactured based on intensive research and development and come in two rectangular designs (A and B), and one circular design (C). Some of the most important aspects of dental lighting that have been addressed in their products include:

Direct Lighting
In contrast to halogen lights that require a reflector to focus the light, LED lights are built in an array so that the light is focused on a particular point. The ML series dental operating lights are calibrated at 700mm to produce a precise 80 by 160 rectangular light pattern with uniform intensity.light pattern

Light Pattern
Ideally, the light pattern for dental operatory lights should be crisp and concise so the light is focused on the oral cavity alone. The illustration level in ML dental lights is 50 percent lower than that required by ISO standards. In addition, innovative LED technology and optic design is used to generate a precise and uniform light pattern. This ensures that illumination only occurs at the patient’s mouth rather than his eyes.

The brightness required from dental lights often varies depending on the procedure being performed and the patient’s comfort. As such, the ML LED operatory lights come with intensity adjustment functions for your convenience. Maximum intensity is 50000Lux (light intensity rating).

Color Temperature
LED lights can be balanced to a color temperature that is similar to daylight to reduce the strain on the eyes. The ML series LED operatory lights have a color temperature range of 5500-6000K, so you can see true color in the light pattern.Relative spectral power

Dental operatory LED lights can be set to eliminate or minimize the blue wavelength, which is known to have an effect on sensitive restoration materials. ML LED operating lights have the blue wavelength limited to 20 percent relative radiant power. As such, you can keep the light on during bonding procedures that use anterior composites or when cementing veneers.

Energy Saving
The ability to save energy is probably the greatest convenience offered by LED lights. MLg LED operatory lights have a maximum power consumption of 15W.

As with any LED lighting, ML LED operatory lights last long. The service life of the light source is up to 50,000 hours. In fact, the service life expectation of the light source is longer than that of the equipment.

Heat Management
The ML series LED operating lights do not heat up, so no fans are needed in the operating area.

The ML operating lights can easily be mounted on the ceiling or nearby wall. The removable handles also make it easy to mount and dismount.

The controls of the lights are within easy reach so you don’t have to move your chair position and you can easily adjust them using the 3 axis movements and dual handles that provide a variety of swing options. They also come with touch-free on/off functions for greater convenience.

Any equipment used in the dental operatory room should be hygienic, including the lights. The ML series LED lights come with removable handles that make it easy to clean.

The high quality design and excellent craftsmanship in ML dental operatory lights puts them among today’s high-end products. Working together with the main players in dentistry, is committed to revolutionize lighting in the dental and medical fields by promoting LED chair light