LED Dental Operatory Light ML-A


This light incorporates an easy to use and popular design. The lamp produces an accurate 16 x 8 cm rectangular pattern of light at the area of work when the lamp is positioned 70 cm away from it. The intensity can be adjusted and at the recommended distance of 70cm it can go up to 32000 Lux. The lamp produces optimum near daylight color temperature of 5500K to 6000K which allows the user to clearly distinguish between tooth and the composite colors. The light is optimized to prevent damage when sensitive restoration materials are used. Power consumption: LED technology saves energy, rated only 15 Watts. Long service life of up to 50,000 hours of use.

Ease of use: Convenient handles and three axis movement allows the user to position the light exactly where it is needed. Hands-free operation allows the user to easily switch the light on or off and to control the intensity. Handles can be mounted in six positions and removed for cleaning.

Comfort: The intensity drops off immediately outside the area of focus preventing light from shining into the patient’s eyes. Produces no glare or discomfort for the patient. The lights don’t produce too much heat increasing comfort for both the patient and the doctor.

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Product Description

LED lights are all set to be the light sources of the future. With low power consumption and heat generation, they are fast becoming the preferred lighting choices in commercial and residential spaces. In dentistry as well, LED dental operatory lights are replacing traditional halogen light setups during operatory procedures. Not only are LED lights more energy efficient, dental operating light setups manufactured today offer a variety of illuminations which are shadow-free and provide the best conditions for operations.

They are usually manufactured in the form of panels set with a series of LED bulbs. While there are a variety of manufacturers who offer operatory lights with design differences and brand-specific USPs, there are some standard features that all such lighting systems have which make them particularly suitable for use during procedures.Dental Chair Lights, Dental Operating lights

Adjustable, intense and efficient light: LED dental operatory lamps provide a near-perfect pattern of focused light on the working area. They offer a range of adjustable intensities of neutral white light typically ranging from low settings of 15,000 lux, medium settings of 25,000 or 27,000 lux and hi settings of 30,000 to 35,000 lux at distances of 70 cm. For a sense of perspective the LED lamps can be compared with traditional halogen lamp operatory lights. 30,000 lux from an LED panel offering illumination on a working surface of about 16 X 8 cm provides 25 percent more illumination than a halogen bulb of equivalent luminous flux.

Efficiencies of LED lamps are also high in comparison to halogen or other traditional lamps and even CFL lights. They consume low power and last much longer than traditional lights.

Consistent color temperature: To maintain skin and tissue tones as they would appear in daylight, surgical and operating lights are required to offer steady color temperatures of 5000K, which all standard LED dental operating lights provide.

Shadow-free lighting: Our LED dental operating lamps offer reduced-shadow stadium lighting. This allows the dental team to accurately identify tissue shades and details for the correct diagnosis during surgical procedures. At the same time, the best LED operating lights are glare-free to reduce strain on the eyes that can be otherwise caused by sharp differences in contrast.

Ergonomic design: It is important for operating lights to be easy to operate by each member of the dental team during an operation. ML LED dental operatory lights achieve this by offering 3-axis designs for complete control and fluid ball-joint-like motion without friction and drift. Some have hands-free sensor-operated on/off features for infection-control. Others have easily accessible touchpad controls in which automatic motion-control on/off can be programmed. With very low heat generation, these LED lights reduce the fatigue and physical discomfort to the operating dental team.

These lamps are also available with a variety of flexible mounts, ranging from cabinet, unit, track, wall and ceiling mounts. Some LED lamps can also be mounted on

Cure-safe modes: Many of the commercially available LED dental lamps also have composite-cure safe modes. In these modes, the white lights are off while yellow LEDs are switched on to offer illuminations of 25,000 lux. These modes allow dentists to work effectively and comfortably without the worry of prematurely curing resins that are usually activated by light.

LED dental operatory lamps are also usually easy to clean. The ML dental lights are manufactured with removable handles that can be sterilized after procedures. With the combination of color accuracy and light intensity, low power consumption as well as flexibility of operation, LED dental operating lamps are excellent and near-perfect lighting sources for dental operating procedures.

Color temperature (K)


Light Intensity (Lux)


Pattern Size @ 70cm Focal Length

8cm x 16cm

Energy Consumption

15 w

Input Voltage

110/220V, 50/60 Hz

Life Expectancy (Hours)


Rotational Axes


Additional Information

Weight 1.83 kg
Dimensions 39 x 31 x 13 cm


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