LED Dental Operating Light ML-C8

LED Dental Operatory Light ML-C8


This light incorporates an easy to use premium design which minimizes shadows and provides better contrast which improves visibility, reduces eye strain and causes less fatigue.

When positioned at a distance of 70 cm from the work area, the lamp produces an accurate 8 x 16 cm rectangular pattern of light. The intensity is adjustable and at a distance of 70 cm it can go up to 50,000 Lux. The color temperature of 5500 to 6000K produced by the lamp is near daylight quality and it illuminates the work area in its natural colors. This makes it possible for the dentist to distinguish between tooth and composite color. Sensitive restoration materials that are used during treatment are safe since the ranges of light which can damage them are suppressed.

The controls to switch the light on and off and to adjust the intensity can be operated hands-free. The light can be moved in all three axis using the handles to easily bring the illumination to the work area. The handles can be mounted in six different positions and are removable for easy cleaning.

The lights don’t cause discomfort by shining into the patient’s eyes or producing glare as the intensity drops off immediately outside the work area. The low heat produced keeps both the doctor and the patient comfortable.

Energy saving LED technology saves power. The lamp has a rating of just 18 Watts. The lamp can give up to 50,000 hours of use before failure.

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Product Description

LED dental operatory lights are found in virtually all good dental practices these days and when the benefits are discussed it is easy to discover why. These LED lights are energy efficient, yet produce more light than traditional halogen sources per watt. This not only reduces on your energy bills but also provides a clean and bright light source to work with in the operatory.Dental Chair Lights, Dental Operating lights

When using LED dental operatory lights you can virtually forget about replacement bulbs as they are the longest lasting type of bulb yet, and heating up sometimes up to 1000 times faster than a halogen alternative it is easy to see why they are the favorite choice made by your dentist. The bulbs actually run cool, meaning that all the energy used to make the bulbs work is used for lighting, and none is lost as unwanted heat. These LED lights for operatories are durable and shock resistant and lasting ten times longer than halogen equivalents they are the choice of all main dentists.

The ML series LED operatory lights have some impressive features that set them apart from cheaper alternatives the light delivered being a combination of high color rendering and color temperature accuracy. The result of this combination is the truest illumination on the market for dentists. With easy positioning, passive thermal management and a thin profile, the LED operatory light exceeds all others in functionality as well as style and elegance.

The ergonomics of the operatory light is outstanding, using a combination of unencumbered controls, fluid movement and unparalleled positionability. A safe mode is also available when working with the lights, allowing the dental surgeon to work effectively but without curing resins. Indeed the intensity of the light is adjustable and can be varied at 15, 25 or 30,000 lux to ensure consistency and true to life tones. A stadium effect from the light also reduces shadows and makes working on even the trickiest and most delicate of jobs possible.

ML LED dental operatory lights use only the very best heat management, allowing them to heat up without any noise at all, and making them more convenient to work with. The lights also contain a filter that can be turned on and off, this preventing polymerization. These lights give the best luminous efficiency, and with handles that can be removed and sterilized they are guaranteed to be safe too.

Working in a dental operatory requires precision and a light that will not let you down. By choosing LED lighting your work area will be both glare and shadow free, allowing you to work comfortably with no danger of your eyes tiring or becoming distracted. Needing no maintenance and easy to clean, these lights once installed are ready for many years of work ahead, the quality steel casing being easy to disinfect and keep clean.

An approximate service life for LED operatory lights is 50,000 hours, meaning that your investment will last for many years to come. Being dimmable, easy to care for and giving out a color temperature light that is comparable to day light, it is easy to see why they are the choice for all modern and safe dental labs.

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