LED Dental Operating Light ML-D

LED Dental Operatory Light ML-D


The improved vision is undoubtedly one of the most notable features, as these dental lights are designed to flood the patient’s oral cavity with natural light that is not tiresome, neither for the patient nor for the doctor. The light intensity is of 25,000 lux – the reason why these lights use a medium intensity light is because at a higher intensity, there is a risk to damage the restoration material used for dental procedures. The high color rendering index mentioned above allows accurate tissue analysis – the LED dental lights perfectly resemble natural light, thus helping dentists put an accurate diagnosis.

This lighting system is very versatile in terms of location as well – given its ergonomics, the dental light is especially designed to match the average human arm length. Along with the numerous advantages of LED lighting over halogen lights have made the light emitting diode dental lights a very popular choice amongst dental professionals. These lights offer up to 25% more luminance, at 80% lower power consumption.

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Proper lighting is vital for dental surgeries and procedures, as it aims to improve the patient care services and to reduce the eye fatigue of the dental team – improper light is very bothersome and tiresome for dentists. LED dental lights are especially designed to provide top-notch, cost-effective light coupled with unparalleled ergonomics. The main benefit of the LED dental lights is that they allow the doctor to see inside the oral cavity of the patient regardless of the angle – in addition, these dental lights are especially designed to match the ergonomic needs of the dentist, as it is very easy to position and handle.Dental Chair Light, Dental Operating light

LED dental lights provide spectral power, and the color temperature is similar to the temperature of natural light (between 5500-6500K). This is one of the aspects that make these lights perfect for restorative dentistry, and not only.

One of the most important aspects is that the LED dental lights have a maximum power consumption of 15 W, which makes them very cost-efficient and energy-efficient in the long run. The ergonomic design meets the international trends, the lighting system is very lightweight and flexible and the lights come with 3 axises that allow free movement and facilitate the light head adjustment. In addition to this, the handles are removable and easy to clean.

Eye fatigue is extremely common amongst doctors of all kind, and it is mainly caused by shadowing or by the unnatural light intensity or color. Fortunately, this is not the case with the LED dental lights, which are especially designed to sustain eye health over the years.

Dental lights that offer improper and imbalanced contrast or very bright spots can impair your sight and decrease your productivity – the special dental lights allow doctors to accurately do their job, without experiencing eye strain. This lighting system has a uniform light pattern that is created to eliminate shadowing, thus preventing eye fatigue and improving the patient care services.

Last, but not least, these lights are not only very cost-effective (they consume four time less power compared to traditional light bulbs), but they are very durable in the long haul and they do not emit any heat whatsoever. Heat can interfere with the efficiency of the dental procedures and can be annoying for the doctor – the LED dental lights do not emit heat, they are silent, comfortable and highly efficient.

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